The Taming of the Shrew Act IV, Scenes 1 and 2 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act IV, Scenes 1 and 2 Summary and Analysis

New characters:
Curtis: servant of Petruchio who speaks with Grumio

Nathaniel, Philip, Nicholas, Peter: servants of Petruchio

Pedant: a traveler whom Tranio tricks into playing the role of Vincentio

In Act IV, Scene i, Grumio arrives at Petruchio’s country home ahead of his master and new mistress to prepare for their reception and, above all, to start a fire to warm the travellers after their chilling journey. He meets Curtis, a fellow servant, who asks whether Katharina is the shrew she is reported to be. Grumio responds that once she was, but that the cold journey has temporarily tamed her.

After some verbal scuffling with Curtis, Grumio reports...

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