The Taming of the Shrew Act IV, Scene 5 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act IV, Scene 5 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Vincentio—Lucentio’s father, who arrives unexpectedly and foils his son’s plans to elope

Petruchio, Katharina, Hortensio, and some servants have set out for Padua to attend the wedding of Bianca and Tranio/Lucentio. On the way, Petruchio stops to test Kate’s willingness to accept his version of reality. Petruchio comments that the moon shines brightly, but Kate corrects him, saying it is the sun that shines. Petruchio commands that the moon, or some star, shall shine if he says it does before they continue their journey. Hortensio intervenes to warn Kate to let Petruchio have his way. Kate accedes, declaring that the time of day shall be whatever her husband deems...

(The entire section is 1382 words.)