Historical Context

The Great Migration
Between about 1890 and 1930, some two-anda- half million African Americans moved from the American South to...

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Literary Style

Scenic Method
Tambourines to Glory is a short novel—barely one hundred pages in the Collected Works of Langston...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

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—, Tambourines to Glory, in The Collected Works of...

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Compare and Contrast

1950s: African Americans are still moving from the rural South to big cities in the North, hoping for good jobs and equal opportunity....

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Topics for Further Study

Research the career of the gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. In what ways is she a role model for Essie? What does Laura admire about her?


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Media Adaptations

The novel Tambourines to Glory was adapted by Hughes from his own musical play of the same title, with songs by Jobe Huntley. It was...

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What Do I Read Next?

The first volume of Hughes’s autobiography, The Big Sea (1940), covers approximately the first thirty years of his life, including...

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