Tama Janowitz

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Bellante, John and Bellante, Carl. “Janowitz and Gobbins: Feminist Fatales.” The Bloomsbury Review (May/June 1993): 13.

Examines the “male-bashing” post-feminist strain in Janowitz's The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group.

Bradham, Margaret. “Familial Failings.” Times Literary Supplement (12-18 May 1989): 518.

Contains a brief synopsis and commentary on American Dad.

Driscoll, F. Paul. “Going to the Opera with Tama Janowitz.” Opera News (November 1996): 26, 28-9, 65.

A conversation with commentary between Driscoll and Janowitz that draws parallels between operatic texts and scenarios and Janowitz's fiction.

Janowitz, Tama with John and Carl Bellante. “A Chic, Cheeky Chat with Tama Janowitz.” The Bloomsbury Review (May/June 1993): 13-14, 20.

In this interview, John and Carl Bellante discuss with Janowitz the craft of writing and the role of the author's personal life in her fictional works.

Lehman, David. “Two Divine Decadents.” Newsweek (7 September 1987): 72.

A comparative review of novels by Janowitz and Bret Easton-Ellis.

Plunket, Robert. “Hello, Cruel World.” New York Times Book Review 97 (30 August 1992): 3.

In this review of The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group, Plunket addresses the narrative voice used in the novel.

Sikes, Gini. “How Long Can Tama's 15 Minutes Last?” Mademoiselle 96, No. 4 (April, 1989): 102, 104, 276.

Sikes incorporates interview fragments into an assessment of Janowitz's career.

Additional coverage of Janowitz's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 106; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vols. 52 and 89; Contemporary Novelists; Contemporary Popular Writers; Discovering Authors Modules: Popular Fiction and Genre Authors Modules; and Literature Resource Center.

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