Talking Straight

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The tremendous response he received following his first book--more than seventy thousand letters--encouraged Lee Iacocca to write a second one. TALKING STRAIGHT is his letter back to those readers and to the many people who contributed to the Statue of Liberty restoration fund.

During his involvement with Lady Liberty, Iacocca saw some examples of things that are right with this country, and others that are wrong. The book includes anecdotes about ordinary citizens, Iacocca’s family, politicians, and presidents. Without hesitation, Iacocca shares his philosophy, his faith, and his fears about the future.

In plain language, he expresses his views on the American economy, international trade, welfare, Wall Street, management practices, education, farm policy, and good old-fashioned morality and horse sense. Iacocca may not be a recognized expert on all these topics, but co-writer Sonny Kleinfield and other assistants have done their homework to fill the book with facts and figures to back up Iacocca’s ideas.

His experiences with the automobile industry are not as central to this book as they were in IACOCCA, but the two works are similar in tone. Perhaps another dose of “Doctor” Iacocca’s wisdom is just the prescription for what ails the country.