Tales of the Night by Peter Høeg

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Tales of the Night

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The Danish novelist, Peter Hoeg, has won critical acclaim in the English-speaking world with such startling novels as SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW (1993), BORDERLINERS (1994), and THE WOMAN AND THE APE (1996). The collection, TALES OF THE NIGHT, was first published in Denmark in 1990. It must be assumed that it took the critical success of Hoeg’s novels in English translation before it was felt that TALES OF THE NIGHT would find its own English-speaking audience. While the stories do not distinguish themselves to the same dazzling degree as Hoeg’s novels do, each story is intriguing and provocative in its own right. The collection opens with “Journey into a Dark Heart .” The story finds a young Danish mathematician traveling with Joseph Conrad on a train through the Congo. Hoeg uses...

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