Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by Judy Blume

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Fudge's identity and eating habits in "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"


Fudge, in "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," is Peter's mischievous younger brother known for his unpredictable and often comical eating habits. He frequently refuses to eat, throws tantrums during meals, and sometimes eats non-food items, causing much frustration and concern for his family.

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What is the real name of Fudge in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

Farley Drexel Hatcher is the real name of Peter's two-year-old brother in Judy Blume's novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

We find this information at the very start of the novel, when Peter states with certainty the line that drives the plot forward:

My biggest problem is my brother, Farley Drexel Hatcher.

Farley's nickname in the novel is "Fudge." He is the youngest son of Anne and Warren Hatcher and the young brother of Peter Hatcher.

Fudge is characterized in the novel as a kid in his toddler years who is exploring the world around him the way other two-year-olds do. Fudge is curious, hardheaded, throws temper tantrums, and likes to touch and try every object around him. Fudge is known for either touching, breaking, or losing Peter's things.

Peter reacts to Fudge with frustration as he (Peter) is about seven years older than Fudge. He feels that his parents let Fudge do whatever he wants, and he gets very frustrated at his parents throughout the novel. However, there are plenty of instances throughout the different dynamics and situations between Peter and Fudge that show that Peter does love his little brother, regardless of everything he does, and that he is ultimately a good big brother to Fudge, after all.

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What does Fudge eat in "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"?

Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume was the first in a series of books that focused on the lives of Peter Hatcher and his younger brother Farley “Fudge” Hatcher.  The focus of the first book is how Peter views Fudge as the favorite and most chaotic member of the Hatcher family.

Over the course of the book Fudge creates chaos by first refusing to eat, by causing chaos at a family dinner party, by breaking his front teeth at the part and finally by claiming to eat Peter’s newly acquired pet turtle, Dribble. This is found to be correct when Fudge is brought to the hospital where Dribble is removed however has died in Fudge’s stomach before he is rescued. 

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