Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Chapters 9-10 Summary

Judy Blume

Chapters 9-10 Summary

Chapter 9: "Just Another Rainy Day"

On Saturday, it rains. Father decides to take the boys to a movie, even though Peter suggests that Fudge "is very young to go." Peter hopes to see a good Western with "lots of action," but Father chooses a movie called A Bear's Life, which is playing in the neighborhood.

Right after the family settles into their seats, a big boy sits in front of Fudge, so he has to change seats with Father. This puts Fudge on the aisle, with Peter in the middle, and Father on the other side. When the movie begins, Fudge talks very loudly and throws popcorn at the people around him. Peter thinks that he was right when he told his father that his little brother is...

(The entire section is 791 words.)