Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

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Chapters 9-10 Summary

Chapter 9: "Just Another Rainy Day"

On Saturday, it rains. Father decides to take the boys to a movie, even though Peter suggests that Fudge "is very young to go." Peter hopes to see a good Western with "lots of action," but Father chooses a movie called A Bear's Life, which is playing in the neighborhood.

Right after the family settles into their seats, a big boy sits in front of Fudge, so he has to change seats with Father. This puts Fudge on the aisle, with Peter in the middle, and Father on the other side. When the movie begins, Fudge talks very loudly and throws popcorn at the people around him. Peter thinks that he was right when he told his father that his little brother is too young to go to the movies.

Once the bears come on the screen, however, Fudge is mesmerized. Peter concentrates on the movie too and is shocked when he turns to find that his brother is gone. Father goes to the ushers for help, and the movie is stopped, much to the consternation of the rest of the audience.

Peter goes down the aisle, calling, "Here Fudge," as if he is calling a dog. When he gets to the front row, his little brother pops out, exclaiming brightly, "Hi, Pee-tah!" Fudge announces that he had "wanted to touch the bears," but that now, the bears are "all gone." Father holds Fudge on his lap for the rest of the movie.

Back at home, Father, who never cooks, makes a "super-duper omelet" for dinner. It is awful, but Peter tries to eat it anyway so as not to hurt his father's feelings. Fudge actually likes the omelet, but when Father tries it, he throws it away in disgust. Father makes everyone peanut butter sandwiches, then gives Fudge a bath. Mother is coming home tomorrow.

Father suggests to Peter that they should keep "all the things [they] did over the weekend a secret," as they drive out to the airport to pick up Mother. Mother is so glad to see her boys that she does not even mention the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. A few weeks later, she is surprised to see Fudge on television when the new Toddle-Bike commercial comes on. Father tells her about that part of their weekend, but Peter laughs because of all the other things she will never know.

Chapter 10: "Dribble!"

Friday, May tenth, is the worst day of Peter's life. When he comes home from school, he finds that Dribble is gone. Fudge is standing close by, smiling wickedly. When Peter demands to know what happened to his turtle, the little boy gleefully shouts, "I ATE HIM!" Mother is distraught when she learns that Fudge has swallowed the turtle. Even though he seems fine, she bundles her little boy up and calls an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

X-rays show that Dribble is indeed in Fudge's tummy. The doctor gives him castor oil and milk of magnesia to help get the turtle out. Fudge will have to stay in the hospital until the turtle passes...

(The entire section is 791 words.)