A Tale of Two Cities Book the Third, Chapter 8 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Book the Third, Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who does Miss Pross see in the wine-shop?

2. What does Jerry Cruncher ask Solomon Pros, and what is this a reference to?

3. Who provides Jerry with an answer to his question?

4. What does Carton want with Barsad?

5. What do they discuss there?

6. What does Jerry Cruncher reveal about Roger Cly?

7. How does Barsad explain this?

8. To whom does Carton refer to in his comment about crowds and what is the point of this?

9. What does Barsad tell Carton after Carton questions Barsad’s access to the prison?

10. How does this chapter end?

1. She sees her long-lost brother, Solomon.

2. He asks Pross what his name was back in England when he was a spy-witness at Charles Darnay’s trial.

3. The just-arrived-in-France Sydney Carton states Barsad’s name.

4. He wants Barsad to accompany him to Tellson’s Bank.

5. They discuss why Carton has power over Barsad.

6. He reveals that Roger Cly was not in the coffin that Barsad claims he was in.

7. He says that Cly had to fake his death or risk being murdered by an unruly mob.

8. It refers to Charles Darnay’s being carried home on the shoulders of a crowd, only to be arrested again.

9. He tells Carton that an escape is impossible.

10. It ends with Carton leading Barsad into a darkened room so that they can finish their negotiations in secret.