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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

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Book the Third, Chapter 10 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does this chapter consist of?

2. How do the two men who take Dr. Manette to the “patients” get him to enter the carriage?

3. Who are the two patients?

4. How has the boy received his wound?

5. What is this boy’s fate?

6. What becomes of his sister?

7. What important fact does Dr. Manette not learn?

8. To whom does Dr. Manette confide his secret?

9. How does Dr. Manette learn the name of the two evil brothers?

10. What is the result of the reading of this letter?

1. The bulk of this chapter is a reproduction of the letter Dr. Manette wrote while he was imprisoned.

2. The two men are armed, so Dr. Manette has no choice but to go with them.

3. A young peasant boy with a wound in his chest and his 20-year-old sister who is “in high fever.”

4. The younger of the two brothers has stabbed him.

5. He dies after denouncing the two men and their family name.

6. She dies a week later.

7. He does not learn the names of the brother and sister.

8. He writes a letter to his minister.

9. The wife of the elder brother comes to him, asking him to help her make atonement. She tells Dr. Manette their name.

10. Charles Darnay is condemned to die in 24 hours.

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