A Tale of Two Cities Book the Second, Chapters 22 and 23 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Book the Second, Chapters 22 and 23 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Chapter 22 open?

2. What does Ernest Defarge tell the crowd at the wine-shop?

3. What is the result of this news?

4. How are the women who join Madame Defarge described?

5. What has Foulon said to the peasants before?

6. What is his fate?

7. Who joins him in this fate?

8. How could this relate to Charles Darnay?

9. How does Madame Defarge react towards Foulon?

10. What do the peasants do next?

1. Madame Defarge and The Vengeance are sitting in the wine-shop, knitting.

2. He tells them that Foulon has been captured.

3. A mob forms and proceeds to where Foulon is being imprisoned.

4. They are described as “mad” women who leave their children behind.

5. He has said of the starving peasants that they might eat grass.

6. His head winds up on a pike, with his mouth full of grass.

7. His son-in-law soon has his head on a pike, next to him.

8. It shows what may happen to Darnay, nephew of the Marquis, if he were to come to France.

9. She slowly kills him “as a cat might have done to a mouse.”

10. They burn down the Marquis’ chateau.