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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

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Book the Second, Chapters 19 and 20 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What happens after Dr. Manette’s ninth day of making shoes?

2. How does Lorry approach Dr. Manette concerning his relapse?

3. What does Dr. Manette say about the cause of this relapse?

4. How does Lorry convince Manette to allow him to destroy the bench?

5. What is the symbolic nature of smashing the bench?

6. Who visits the couple upon their return from their honeymoon?

7. What do Carton and Darnay talk about?

8. What function does this serve?

9. What does Lucie ask her husband to do?

10. Why does she ask this of him?

1. He regains his composure and stops making shoes.

2. He tells Manette he wants to speak of “a curious case” that he knows of.

3. He says it is caused by an apprehension that the “subject” is unable to talk about.

4. He tells Manette that it should be done “for his daughter’s sake.”

5. It is symbolic of Dr. Manette’s attempt to put the past behind him.

6. Sydney Carton is their first visitor.

7. Carton and Darnay speak of the trial and the meal they shared afterwards.

8. It serves to clear the air concerning past events.

9. She asks him to be generous and kind to Carton and to not speak ill of him when he is not present.

10. She says that she is aware of some deep wounds in Carton’s soul that he keeps hidden from everybody else.

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