A Tale of Two Cities Book the Second, Chapters 17 and 18 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Book the Second, Chapters 17 and 18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Of what do Lucie and her father assure each other on the night before her wedding?

2. What does Dr. Manette speak of for the first time?

3. What does Lucie pray for that night?

4. How does Dr. Manette react to hearing Darnay’s secret?

5. Who is present at the wedding?

6. What does Dr. Manette say to Darnay after the wedding?

7. What does this reveal about Lucie’s character?

8. What does Dr. Manette do after Lucie and Charles leave?

9. How does Lorry react to this? What does he try to do?

10. How long does this go on?

1. They assure each other that Lucie’s marriage will only make them closer.

2. He speaks of his 18 years in prison.

3. She prays that she may be able to stay as devoted to her father as she now is.

4. He hides his distress well, but Lorry notices that something is wrong.

5. Besides Lucie, Charles, and Dr. Manette, only Lorry and Miss Pross are at the wedding.

6. He says, “Take her, Charles! She is yours!”

7. It reveals that her character is defined according to her relationship to the men around her.

8. He returns to “making shoes.”

9. He tries to talk to Dr. Manette, but soon realizes that it is useless. He can do nothing except keep watch over Dr. Manette.

10. It goes on for nine days.