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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

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Book the Second, Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is the Marquis’ chateau like?

2. What happens when the Marquis sits down to dinner?

3. What does this reveal about the Marquis?

4. Who is the nephew of the Marquis?

5. How does Darnay feel about the family name?

6. What does his uncle reply?

7. What is the larger issue at stake in this conversation?

8. What is the Marquis’ final word about class?

9. What does Darnay do concerning the property in France?

10. How does this chapter end?

1. His chateau is described as silent and made of stone.

2. He thinks that he hears somebody outside but quickly forgets about it.

3. It reveals that he thinks he is protected from any harm because of his class.

4. Charles Darnay is the Marquis’ nephew.

5. Darnay feels that the family name is feared and detested throughout France.

6. He tells Darnay: “Detestation of the high is the involuntary homage of the low.”

7. Darnay and the Marquis are debating the whole idea of class structure.

8. He feels that it is “Better to be a rational creature … and accept your natural destiny.”

9. He renounces the property, and he renounces France deciding that he wants to settle in England for good.

10. The chapter ends with the Marquis murdered in his bed.

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