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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

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Book the Second, Chapter 24 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How many years have passed between chapters?

2. Why does Lorry decide to go to France?

3. Whom does he take with him?

4. What has happened to the French nobility?

5. What is Mr. Stryver’s opinion of the situation in France?

6. From whom does Charles Darnay receive a letter?

7. What decision does this letter lead Darnay to make?

8. Whom does he tell of his plans?

9. Why is this decision unbelievable?

10. What is the main function of this chapter?

1. Three years have passed.

2. He is going to help out at the chaotic Paris branch of Tellson’s Bank.

3. He takes only Jerry Cruncher with him.

4. They are exiled in England, planning how to get their country back.

5. He thinks that the peasants should all be killed.

6. He receives a letter from Gabelle, the Marquis’ functionary in France. Gabelle is now in prison.

7. Darnay decides to go to France to help Gabelle.

8. He keeps his plan secret, telling no one.

9. Darnay would have to be aware of the incredible danger he was putting himself in.

10. It serves to set up the action that will unfold in the novel’s final section.

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