A Tale of Two Cities Book the First, Chapter 6 Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Book the First, Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Dr. Manette’s condition?

2. What does Dr. Manette say his name is?

3. What is the significance of what he says?

4. What helps Dr. Manette begin to remember his past?

5. How soon do they decide to leave France?

6. Why does Mr. Lorry refer to “business” again?

7. What is Lucie’s “strength” in this chapter?

8. What is the importance of Dr. Manette returning to the shoe he is making?

9. What does Mr. Lorry say to Dr. Manette?

10. What is the nature of Dr. Manette’s reply? What function does his reply serve regarding the plot?

1. Dr. Manette is weak and feeble. He cannot remember his past; he cannot even remember his name.

2. He says “One Hundred and Five, North Tower.”

3. This is the number of his prison cell and an illustration of how his long imprisonment has stolen his identity.

4. Lucie shows that she loves him by showering him with affection.

5. They decide to leave France immediately.

6. He refers to “business” because he may be trying to deny that he is forming a personal connection with the Manettes.

7. Her strength is that her love is able to do good–for instance, helping her father remember his past.

8. This shows that he has a long way to go in recalling his past as a doctor.

9. Mr. Lorry asks Dr. Manette, “I hope you care to be recalled to life?”

10. Dr. Manette replies, “I can’t say.” This leaves the plot dangling, urging the reader on to the next installment.