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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

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Book the First, Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Mr. Lorry do upon arrival in Dover?

2. Whom does Lorry meet here, and what plans do they make?

3. How does Lorry begin to tell Lucie that her father is not dead?

4. Why does he employ this method?

5. Why does Lorry insist to Lucie that all of his relations are mere business relations?

6. What does Lucie say upon learning that she is going to see her father?

7. What are the two conditions concerning Dr. Manette?

8. What is Lucie’s reaction to this?

9. Who comes into the room at this point to help Lucie?

10. What is problematic about this portrayal of Lucie Manette?

1. He checks into the Royal George Hotel and takes a nap.

2. Lorry meets Lucie Manette here, and they make plans to go to France concerning some property of her father. Since she thinks she is an orphan, she has asked the bank to provide her with an escort.

3. He begins to tell her the “story” of a man like her father, who did not die 18 years ago, but was imprisoned.

4. He fears that telling her that her father is alive may be more than she can handle.

5. She has grabbed his wrists in her fear. Lorry does not want to get personally involved; as a model of organization and frugality, he must keep his distance.

6. She says, “I am going to see his ghost! It will be his ghost—not him!”

7. First, that he has lost his memory of any past life. Second, that he must be removed from France in secret.

8. She sits silently in her chair, unable to utter a word.

9. Her servant, Miss Pross, enters and calms Lucie.

10. Lucie is portrayed as unable to take care of herself. She will constantly be defined in terms of her reliance on others.

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