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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

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What is the theme of Chapter 4, Book One in A Tale of Two Cities?

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Chapter IV, "The Preparation," introduces the connection of the two cities, London and Paris, with the character of Lucie Manette, who has lived in England, but has returned to Paris where she lived as a child.  Also, Mr. Jarvis Lorry has connections with both London and Paris as he works for Tellson's Bank which has offices in the two cities.

In addition to the connection of the two cities, there continues the development of the theme of Resurrection as Mr. Lorry, ever the business man, perfunctorily informs Miss Manette that her father is yet alive--"Recalled to Life" by having been released from the Bastille prison. With this sudden and momentous news, Lucie Manette, the Victorian heroine, who thinks her father will be but a ghost,--"I am going to see his Ghost! It will be his Ghost--not him!"-- swoons; her nurse, the formidable Miss Pross, enters and threatens Mr. Lorry for having harmed her "precious":

"And you in brown!...couldn't you tell her what you had to tell her, without frightening her to death?...."

Mr. Lorry, a quiet bachelor, is so disconcerted by the bullying of Miss Pross that he excuses himself politely. 

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