A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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Book the Third, Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis


Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher run their errands around Saint Antoine, completely ignorant of Charles Darnay’s arrest. They stop at a shop for wine. While they drink, Miss Pross suddenly screams; her brother, Solomon, has appeared, and he is disguised as a French republican. Solomon angrily attempts to quiet her. Jerry Cruncher, meanwhile, is certain he has seen Solomon before but cannot recall where. Sydney Carton suddenly emerges, reminding Cruncher that Solomon was the “unimpeachable patriot” who appeared as John Barsad during Charles Darnay’s trial in England. Carton arrived in Paris the day before and happened to both recognize Barsad and learn that he has been serving as a French government spy in the prisons. Carton, Jerry Cruncher, and Barsad walk to Tellson’s Bank, leaving Miss Pross to return to Dr. Manette and Lucie. After Lorry confirms Solomon’s identity, Carton blackmails Solomon into helping him with a plan to rescue Charles Darnay. Carton threatens to reveal Solomon as a French government spy and a former spy for England, adding that he observed Solomon consorting with Roger Cly (another English spy). Solomon informs Carton that...

(The entire section is 381 words.)