The Taking of Miss Janie Characters

Ed Bullins

Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Monty, a black student in his early twenties attending a West Coast university. He is a poet and the center of a group of campus intellectuals and artists. He is not, however, committed to any system of ideas or movement. Confidence is Monty’s most pronounced personality trait and the quality that draws others, particularly women, to him. He is cynical about political strategies and the people who mouth them.


Janie, a white student in her early twenties. Reared by middle-class parents, she has been protected from the harsh realities of American racism and its effects on people and relationships; she is naïve. Janie is attracted to underdogs and believes that all social problems can be solved with goodwill and open dialogue.


Rick, a black man in his early twenties. Rick is in search of a philosophy and a movement in which he can believe. He is passionate in his beliefs, but it is clear that time will present him with other philosophies that he will also embrace.


Len, a roommate of Rick and Monty. He is described by the playwright as intellectual, artistic, and political aware. For Len, race is one of the problems of the 1960’s, but it is not the only one.


Sharon, a young white woman who marries Len. She clearly understands the problems in interracialism and is strong enough to fight them.


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