T(homas) S(igismund) Stribling Edward J. Piacentino - Essay

Edward J. Piacentino

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[There are a number of] striking similarities between Stribling's [Vaiden Trilogy] and Absalom, Absalom!, which incidentally was published in 1936, two years after Unfinished Cathedral, the final novel in the trilogy. This is not so much to suggest that Faulkner deliberately patterned any of his themes, characters, or plots after Stribling's, though, of course, he may have subconsciously or even unconsciously remembered them from his reading; but to demonstrate that Faulkner treated a similar subject matter and character types from an era in southern social history that Stribling treated first, and in so doing Stribling may have provided an impetus for the author of Absalom,...

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