The Swiss Family Robinson

by Johann David Wyss, Johann Rudolf Wyss

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What are the names of the animals in "The Swiss Family Robinson"?

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In The Swiss Family Robinson, a Swiss family are shipwrecked on an island in the East Indies with nothing but themselves and their ship's and the island's animals to keep them company.

Most of the animals they meet on the island are too wild and dangerous to spend time with, but some of the animals they manage to domesticate and even name.

These include an onager they name Lightfoot, a donkey they name Grizzle, a jackal they name Fangs, a buffalo they name Storm, an ostrich they name Hurricane, a monkey they name Knips, a bullfrog they name Beauty, a bullfrog they name Grace, and a bull-calf they name Grumble.

The animals they take with from the ship include livestock such as pigs, geese, cows, and sheep.

They try to leave the two dogs, Juno and Turk, behind on the ship, but as the author writes,

when they saw us apparently deserting them, they set up a piteous howl, and sprang into the sea.

Eventually Juno and Turk have a litter of puppies, of which only two survive. The family name them Bruno and Fawn.

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