Chapter 2 Summary

Upon awakening, the father realizes they have enough kegs to transport more supplies, and the family searches the ship for more provisions. In the process, his wife, Elizabeth, discovers animals on board, including a cow, a pig, and some geese, chickens, and ducks. The father releases the fowl, as they can fly or swim to the island, and decides to give the other animals enough to eat for a couple of days. He will come back for them later.

The boys gather tools, such as hammers, nails, and fish hooks, while the father collects large pieces of canvas to build a tent. They also find food and drink to tide them over until they find other sources of meat and fruit on the island. One son finds two large dogs in the captain's quarters. At first the father is concerned about two more mouths to feed but concedes they might be worth the sacrifice to help guard the family and hunt.

Finally they enter their individual kegs. Elizabeth sits up front. Next comes the youngest, Franz, who is almost eight. In the third keg is Fritz, who is fifteen. In the middle are two kegs holding supplies. Then sits Jack, who is ten. Finally, at the rear are Ernest, who is twelve, and the father. Since there is no room and they refuse to stay on the shipwreck, the dogs jump into the ocean and swim. The distance is frightening long, but the dogs occasionally rest by clinging to the outrigger.

The family lands successfully on the island. They set up a tent and soften the floor with armloads of grass they cut and spread to serve as their beds. As they search their immediate surroundings, they are happy to discover a plentiful supply of ocean creatures such as lobsters and oysters, which they gather to make stews. The ducks and geese find a comfortable spot on a nearby river, and the dogs are not shy about hunting for themselves.

By nightfall, everyone's appetite is satisfied. In the morning the father will survey the island and search for any other survivors. A Christian, the father leads the family in a prayer of thanksgiving before they sleep.