Chapter 7 Summary

Charles Wallace asks Gaudior if there were such horrors as the Salem Witch Trials on other planets. Gaudior explains that evil happens wherever the Echthroi are. They discuss what they have learned from being Within Brandon. Charles Wallace sees that there is a triangular connection with Wales, Vespugia, and his own place and time. He suddenly realizes that Madoc spelled in Welsh is Madog, similar to Mad Dog, as in El Rabioso Branzillo. He tells Gaudior that they must get to Vespugia to see what the connection is, no matter how difficult it is for Gaudior to travel to a different location in space. Gaudior points out that, evidenced by their trouble the last time, problems arise when they try to be too specific as to time. Though they did not arrive in 1865, they found valuable clues about Madoc’s descendants. Gaudior speculates that they are blundering their way closer and closer to the Might-Have-Been that the Echthroi are trying to prevent. The closer they get to it, the more vicious the Echthroi attacks will be. Charles Wallace has already changed small things about the Might-Have-Been, judging from the ferocity of the attacks so far. Charles Wallace wonders if Zylle would have been hanged with Patrick’s Rune, but Gaudior says that this something that he does not need to know. Charles Wallace wants to find the connection between Mrs. O’Keefe and Mad Dog Branzillo.

Charles Wallace urges Gaudior to understand that they have to leave the star-watching rock and aim for 1865 in Vespugia when the Welsh arrived there. Gaudior warns that the Echthroi will probably attack again, so it would be a good idea if Charles Wallace tied himself on. They are back at Charles Wallace’s own time, so he thinks of the hammock by the garden. With difficulty, Charles Wallace unties the hammock and places it around Gaudior, tying it to himself. Gaudior takes off, and the Echthroi attack begins almost immediately. It is only the rope that holds Charles Wallace on to Gaudior. They are thrown downward and land with a violent impact. Charles Wallace realizes that they have landed in water, but he does not know where. He is not even sure if they are on earth or on a distant planet. Gaudior’s wings are waterlogged, preventing him from flying. In her room, Meg chants Patrick’s Rune, and Gaudior is lifted onto the wind and lands on dry ground.