Chapter 6 Summary

Charles Wallace asks Gaudior to take him to Vespugia in 1865. Gaudior explains that it is difficult to travel in both space and time together, so he will take him to 1865 first. As they travel through space, Charles Wallace is attacked by an Echthros. Gaudior saves him and carries him in his teeth. When they land in 1865, Charles Wallace sees that the lake is gone and the star-watching rock is reduced to the size which he has known. He also notices log cabins in the valley and identifies them as being earlier than 1865. Gaudior suggests that they examine this time where they have been sent, rather than seek to go where they had intended.

Charles Wallace soon finds himself with Brandon Llawcae, a young boy from the nearby colonial village. He is with Zylle, his Native American sister-in-law, who is gathering herbs to ease her labor when she gives birth the next day. Zylle has blue eyes, as does her brother Maddok; they are both descendants of Madoc, son of Owain, who is known as a great leader in the People of the Wind. Brandon has the gift of second sight, though his family does not like him to admit this. The village is under the control of Pastor Mortmain, whose narrow-mindedness and self-righteousness have placed the people under his thumb.

When Zylle gives birth, the midwife is troubled that she did not cry out. This is a sign of witchcraft, and thus it is reported among the people of the village. It is also reported that a cat went screeching through the village, presumably being the pain that Zylle bewitched onto it.

Pastor Mortmain comes to take Zylle into custody for witchcraft. Her blue-eyed condition, in conjunction with her Indian heritage, has long made her a suspect, even though she married a white Christian. She is condemned to be hanged. Brandon tells Zillo, Zylle’s father, of what is happening.

The next day, Zylle is taken to the scaffold to be hanged. Ritchie, Zylle’s husband, cries out against this, stating that such evil is from Pastor Mortmain, not from Zylle or the Indians. At the moment when Zylle is to be hanged, Brandon cries out Patrick’s Rune. The Indians appear at the edge of the village. The sky becomes filled with thunderclouds and lightning strikes the church. One of the men, Duthbert, is also struck when he tries to fire on the Indians. Ritchie points out that this is not witchcraft but the wrath of God against Pastor Mortmain’s evil. Zylle is released, and eventually she, her baby, and Ritchie go back to Wales. Brandon is made an official member of the People of the Wind, with the hope that he will take an Indian wife and the two peoples will be joined into one.