Chapter 3 Summary

Meg discovers that she can kythe more easily with Charles Wallace if she rests her hand on Ananda. She goes back into Charles Wallace but sees nothing but darkness, yet the darkness is good. Light appears, and it is also good. Then a star swallows up the dark and becomes the dark, which is not good; the glory of the harmony of light and dark has been broken. She sees galaxies, solar systems, and planets rushing by until she comes to a planet just forming. Soon rain falls on the planet and cools it, and then the ocean appears. Dry land is formed and covered with green plants. Dinosaurs come to life and then die off.

Charles Wallace finds himself with Gaudior in a glade surrounded by antediluvian trees. When he asks Gaudior where they are, the unicorn replies that they are where they started out, but now they are in a different When, many years before the coming of humans. Gaudior explains that it is easier for him to travel through time than space. Soon they travel forward in time to the meadow with the star-watching rock, which is now a small mountain of stone. Gaudior explains that Charles Wallace has been called to accomplish a purpose, which is to a time where Might-Have-Been has yet to happen. He is to be sent Within someone and will change events to stop the evil that is now taking place in Charles Wallace’s world. Charles Wallace is frightened at the thought of going Within someone, losing contact with Meg and perhaps losing himself. Gaudior explains that going within is similar to kything, which relieves Charles Wallace somewhat. He gains strength from the fact that he must achieve this mission for the well-being of Meg and her baby. Gaudior and Charles Wallace move to a time when people inhabit the valley, which is now covered by a lake. Charles Wallace sees structures by the lakeside. He sees a young boy, who Gaudior explains is named Harcels, of the People of the Wind. Harcels calls for a creature similar to a dolphin. Gaudior says...

(The entire section is 546 words.)