Chapter 10 Summary

Charles Wallace, from his place Within Chuck, sees nothing but experiences a torrent of smells. He feels the pain from Chuck’s head and then sees a fight between Gwydyr and Madoc at the edge of a lake. He sees a unicorn lower its blazing horn to touch Chuck’s head and pour light into it.

Charles Wallace hears a voice, similar to Gaudior’s but not exactly, calling to him. He still cannot see anything, not even darkness. Meg, in her room, has tears in her eyes, but she does not know why. She sees Gaudior, also weeping, proclaiming that this was a victory for the Echthroi. Meg thinks of Mrs. O’Keefe downstairs and believes that the change from Beezie to what Mrs. O’Keefe has become is an evil victory indeed.

Charles Wallace listens to the voice calling him. The voice explains that Charles Wallace does not have to stay Within Chuck since he now has brain damage, which will limit Charles Wallace’s ability to influence the Might-Have-Been. Charles Wallace asks what will happen to him if he leaves Chuck. The voice explains that he will be sent Within someone else who will better able to help him accomplish his mission. This sounds suspicious to Charles Wallace, and he asks whose voice it is. It explains that it is the unicorn that hatched from the egg when he and Gaudior returned to the unicorn’s home. Charles Wallace is still hesitant and the voice urges him to leave Chuck as time is of the essence. The voice explains that Charles Wallace was chosen because of his high I.Q. and he is the only one who can control the Might-Have-Been. Charles Wallace vomits, but he does not know if he himself is doing this or it is Chuck who is throwing up. He begins to realize that the voice is an Echthroi and he chooses to stay within Chuck. Meg applauds his correct choice.

Chuck eventually regains consciousness to discover that his grandmother is dead. Because of his brain injury, he does not return to school but helps out in the store. He also finds more of the letters from his Maddox ancestors. He feels that Matthew must send Zillah to Vespugia in order to prevent future evil. He learns that his mother is pregnant with Duthbert’s baby. Chuck is upset by this, saying that Gedder and Madoc cannot have descendants in common. Duthbert tells his wife that Chuck is unreliable to be around the forthcoming baby and should be sent to an institution. When something starts to go wrong with Chuck’s eyes, he tells Beezie that this needs to be a secret or he will definitely be sent away. He has visions of the past, in which his ancestors play out their roles among the destinies of the descendants of Gwydyr and Madoc.