The Sweetness of Water

by Nathan Harris

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How is George Walker portrayed as a hero in The Sweetness of Water?

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In The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris, George Walker may well be called a hero for helping Caleb and Prentiss escape. Let's look at this in more detail.

The Civil War is over, and George decides that he wants to farm his land to try to cope with the grief of losing his son. Former slaves Landry and Prentiss find work with George, who tries to pay them fairly as they help him on the farm. George's son, Caleb, unexpectedly returns, but August (Caleb's childhood friend) kills Landry. While the sheriff refuses to admit the truth and calls the murder an accident, Caleb and Prentiss fight for the truth. When they do, though, they must flee.

George helps the men and travels with them as they leave. Then he delays the sheriff, who actually shoots George in the leg as he surrenders. George dies of the infection caused by the wound, but he has successfully gotten his son and Prentiss to freedom. He has given his life for others, and this is what makes him a hero.

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