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Sweat switches between 2000 and 2008 as Lynn Nottage tells the story of a group of friends that works together on the factory floor. When the plant threatens to cut wages and lay off workers, the friends turn against each other as they struggle to stay afloat.

The play opens in 2008, and we meet Jason and Chris as they individually speak to their parole officer Evan. They are getting out of jail after some conflict they were both involved in. As the play switches back to 2000, we hope to learn what happened between them.

In 2000, we meet best friends Tracey, Cynthia, and Jessie. They all work together and love to hang out at the local bar. The bartender is Stan, who used to work at the factory with them until an injury. Oscar is a Colombian American busboy at the bar. Stan seems to be the link between Oscar and the others, as the others treat Oscar like an outsider.

Jason and Chris are Tracey and Cynthia's sons respectively. They also work at the plant, although Chris talks about going to college. They are best friends and joke around together.

Tracey talks about an upcoming promotion at work and how there's a rumor that they want to promote someone from the floor to a manager position. She doesn't really believe a floor worker will get the promotion, but when Cynthia talks about applying, Tracey decides to as well.

Cynthia gets the promotion, and Tracey wonders if it's just because Cynthia is black. Oscar asks Tracey about job openings on the floor, and Tracey says he must...

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