Chapters 5-6 Summary

Returning home from a visit to the mainland to ask for money from Grandfather Sawtooth, the Bigtree family walks toward the house. Ava is next to her brother, and when she grabs his arm, she realizes how thin he is getting. She wraps her fingers around her own arm and worries that the poor diet they have been fed since their mother's death is making them all unhealthy. In contrast to Kiwi's arms, though, Ava feels she has more muscle. She has continued her alligator-wrestling classes with her father, whereas Kiwi has refused to do so.

Before they reach the house, Ava pulls Kiwi toward the Swamplandia makeshift museum. Once inside, she takes her brother to the display that is focused on the Bigtree family history. There...

(The entire section is 544 words.)