Chapters 13-14 Summary

Ava and Bird Man continue their journey by boat as they search for Ossie. After a full day on the water, they come to a town called Stiltsville. Houses atop long poles sit on the edge of the swampy bay. At one time, according to a story that Ava's father once told her, all these houses were inhabited. However, all the residents were forced to take refuge on the mainland after the park service officials deemed it unsafe for them to live as they were in the rickety, wood-slated houses delicately poised over the water.

Bird Man decides that Stiltsville is a good place for him and Ava to sleep and pulls the boat ashore. As they come closer, Ava sees a cougar jump from one house to the next. So when Bird Man tells her to...

(The entire section is 609 words.)