Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Mark Littleton

Mark Littleton, the narrator, a New Yorker visiting his Virginian relations at Swallow Barn. An observant man who enjoys people, he tells his story of the Virginians with relish and with an obvious love of their easygoing way of life. He returns to his New York home after two months in Virginia.

Edward (Ned) Hazard

Edward (Ned) Hazard, his New York cousin, high-spirited and given to joking and playing pranks. He is a favorite with children. Although he is the next heir to Swallow Barn, he is glad for Frank to have the responsibility of running the estate. In love with Bel, he encounters difficulties but at last marries her.

Francis (Frank) Meriwether

Francis (Frank) Meriwether, Ned’s middle-aged brother-in-law who operates the Hazard estate. A handsome, portly, and good-humored man, he is unambitious and of a contemplative nature. He is a generous, pleasant host to his many guests and a considerate master to his servants and dependents, who are happy to wait on him. Argumentative about politics, he is little informed about or interested in religion.

Isaac Tracy

Isaac Tracy, an eccentric, elderly gentleman farmer, master of a neighboring estate, The Brakes. A dignified, sober, old-school Virginia gentleman, he occupies much of his time planning and plotting to get one hundred acres of almost worthless marshland lying between The Brakes and...

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