Literary Techniques

What readers of Cormac McCarthy are usually most impressed with is the overpowering style he achieves through his virtuoso command of...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

There is much to discuss in this novel. There are scores of interesting characters and many complex psychological, philosophical,...

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Social Concerns

Suttree is a novel that takes a long, hard, detailed look at the basic concepts of society and what we call "civilization," The...

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(Masterpieces of American Fiction)

Aldrich, John W. “Cormac McCarthy’s Bizarre Genius: A Reclusive Master of Language and the Picaresque, on a Roll.” The Atlantic Monthly 274 (August, 1994): 89-97. Traces the evolution of McCarthy’s fiction, from the publication of Orchard Keeper in 1965 to All the Pretty Horses in 1994. Offers brief analyses of Outer Dark and Suttree.

Arnold, Edwin T. “Blood and Grace: The Fiction of Cormac McCarthy.” Commonweal 121 (November 4, 1994): 11-14. Arnold asserts that McCarthy’s novels often explore the more negative aspects of the human condition in meaningful, religiously significant ways. He discusses several of McCarthy’s works.

Arnold, Edwin T., and Diane C. Luce, eds. Perspectives on Cormac McCarthy. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1993. This collection of ten essays explores the historical and philosophical influences on McCarthy’s work, the moral center that informs his writings, and the common themes of his fiction. Includes an extensive bibliography.

Jarret, Robert J. Cormac McCarthy. New York: Twayne, 1997. Jarret offers a detailed examination of all seven of McCarthy’s works, including Outer Dark and Suttree.

Literary Precedents

Because a river is central to this novel and because Suttree lives on a houseboat, readers may naturally be reminded of The Adventures of...

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Related Titles

Suttree is a larger, funnier, more ambitious, more personal book than the three McCarthy novels published before it, but it does...

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