Susan Isaacs Katha Pollitt - Essay

Katha Pollitt

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

You can't blame Susan Isaacs for not wanting to make her second novel Compromising Positions II, but I can't help it, I do. In Compromising Positions, a fed-up, witty, very likable suburban matron tracks down a killer and in the process discards her sexist husband in favor of a sexy cop. The result was a perfect read—it had romance, feminism, murder, and social satire—and since it came out, I've been waiting for a sequel, starring our heroine and her new love as the Nick and Nora Charles of Shorehaven, Long Island. This is not that book.

In Close Relations, Isaacs gives us another wisecracking, amiably neurotic heroine—Marcia Green, a 35-year old divorced speechwriter for a...

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