Susan Hill Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Enclosure (novel) 1961
Do Me a Favour (novel) 1963
Gentleman and Ladies (novel) 1968
A Change for the Better (novel) 1969
I'm the King of the Castle (novel) 1970
The Albatross (short stories) 1971; also published as The Albatross and Other Stories, 1975
Strange Meeting (novel) 1971
The Bird of Night (novel) 1972
The Custodian (short stories) 1972
A Bit of Singing and Dancing and Other Stories (short stories) 1973
In the Springtime of the Year (novel) 1974
The Cold Country and Other Plays for Radio (drama) 1975
The Magic Apple-Tree: A Country Year (essays) 1982
The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story (novel) 1983
One Night at a Time (for children) 1984; also published as Go Away, Bad Dreams!, 1985
Through the Kitchen Window (essays) 1984
Mother's Magic (for children) 1986
Through the Garden Gate (essays) 1986
Lanterns across the Snow (novella) 1987
The Lighting of the Lamps (essays) 1987
Shakespeare Country (prose) 1987
Can It Be True? A Christmas Story (for children) 1988
Family (autobiography) 1988
The Spirit of the Cotswolds (prose) 1988
Suzie's Shoes (for children) 1989
The Glass Angels (for children) 1990
I Won't Go There Again (for children) 1990
Septimus Honeydew (for children) 1990
Stories from Codling Village (for children) 1990
Air and Angels (novel) 1991
Beware, Beware (for children) 1993
King of Kings (for children) 1993
Mrs. de Winter (novel) 1993
The Christmas Collection (for children) 1994
Listening to the Orchestra (short stories) 1996
Reflections from a Garden [with Rory Stuart] (essays) 1996

∗This work was adapted as the radio play Miss Lavender Is Dead (1970).

†This work includes The Cold Country (1972) The End of Summer (1971), Consider the Lilies (1973), Strip Jack Naked (1974), and Lizard in the Grass (1971).