(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Lieutenant Colonel Surry

Lieutenant Colonel Surry, an officer of the Confederate Army. He falls in love with May Beverley, who is already engaged. Having been involved in the feud between Mordaunt and Fenwick, and having fought under Jackson, he is able to marry May when her fiancé breaks the engagement.

May Beverley

May Beverley, who marries Surry when her fiancé, Frederick Baskerville, breaks their engagement.


Fenwick, a Yankee spy who has treacherously separated Mordaunt from his wife. Repeatedly escaping Mordaunt’s vengeance, he is killed by Achmed.

Colonel Mordaunt

Colonel Mordaunt, once the rival of Fenwick for the hand of Frances Carleton. Mordaunt had won her, whereupon the rejected Fenwick used forged letters to separate husband and wife. Mordaunt repeatedly seeks revenge, but Fenwick always escapes, until Achmed kills him.

Frances Carleton

Frances Carleton, Mordaunt’s lost wife, who appears as the insane “White Lady.” She gives Surry a paper clearing up the mystery of Fenwick’s villainy.

Violet Grafton

Violet Grafton, her cousin and attendant.


Achmed, Mordaunt’s Arab companion, who kills Fenwick.

Harry Saltoun

Harry Saltoun, a young Confederate officer who, about to fight a duel with Mordaunt, is revealed as his son.

Mrs. Parkins

Mrs. Parkins, Fenwick’s confederate.

General Stonewall Jackson

General Stonewall Jackson,

General J. E. B. Stuart

General J. E. B. Stuart,

General Turner Ashby

General Turner Ashby, and

Major John Pelham

Major John Pelham, officers of the Confederate Army.

Captain William D. Farley

Captain William D. Farley, a Confederate scout.