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Archilde Leon

Archilde Leon (ahr-SHEEL lay-OHN), the mixed-race son of an Indian mother and a European father. He returns home to visit the Flathead Indian reservation in Montana. He expects this to be a brief and final visit before he returns to his life as a musician in Portland, Oregon. A sensitive, intelligent, and careful man, he takes care of his dying father and helps his mother any way that he can. He often seems to be caught up in events and unable to escape the reservation, where he is torn between white and Indian culture.

Catharine LaLoup Leon

Catharine LaLoup Leon, the daughter of a Salish chief. She is the mother of Archilde, Louis, and Agnes. One of the tribe’s earliest and most enthusiastic converts to Roman Catholicism, Catharine still maintains a rather traditional way of life and eventually renounces her baptism. A strong-willed yet generous and loving old woman, she is very much respected in the Indian community. She is important to Archilde’s growing sense of his identity as an Indian, and it is at her death that he feels as if he is a part of the community.

Max Leon

Max Leon, Archilde’s father, originally from Spain. His many children have all disappointed him; he had hoped that they would be more manly and less Indian. A wealthy rancher, he drives a flashy blue car and barely speaks to his wife. He is reconciled with Archilde when Archilde...

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Often when writers address serious social issues, their characters become more caricature than fully realized human beings. While there are...

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