Supply of Heroes Summary
by James Carroll

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Supply of Heroes

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Young Jane Tyrrell of blueblood Irish stock leaves her ancestral estate for the larger world of the Dublin Theater. A talented actor, Dan Curry, catches her eye and quickly thereafter her heart. She allies herself to his cause of Irish independence, thus precipitating a moral crisis for her brother Douglas, a gifted officer of the Connaught Rangers of the English army. Profoundly loyal to England, his regiment, and his wife Pamela, Douglas promises to monitor the Irish rebels, especially Dan Curry, as they negotiate with the Germans for a separate pact.

As we know from history, the Easter Rebellion and its brutal aftermath were the tragic result of the conflicts explored in this narrative--conflicts that are all too familiar in the 1980’s. SUPPLY OF HEROES fuses fact and fiction in a hard-edged yet romantic retelling of a struggle that is at the heart of the daily news from the Old Country.

This is James Carroll’s sixth novel, and it reveals the gifts that have placed such previous works as MORTAL FRIENDS on the best-se1ler list. Whether evoking the artistic ferment of the Irish Literary Renaissance or the surreal barbarities of trench warfare, Carroll is always convincing, and his characters are vividly brought to life. Despite its record of violence and loss, this is ultimately a story infused with hope, and one distinguished by its grace, wit, style, and historical precision.