Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is a young adult novel written by Jessica Day George and published by Bloomsbury USA in 2008. The story is based on a Norwegian fairy tale.

The story focuses on a girl (known as "the Lass") who is rejected and unnamed by her mother. The Lass is the ninth child in her family and the fourth daughter. Her mother is so angry at her birth that she refuses to give her a name. Her father is a poor woodcutter. The Lass’s brothers and sisters try to care for the Lass, particularly Hans Peter.

The Lass and her family live in a place of eternal winter with enchanted animals and trolls. One day the girl helps a white reindeer trapped in the woods. The reindeer offers her two gifts in return: an ability to understand the language of animals and a name. A polar bear (called an "isbjorn") learns about her gift with words and demands that she accompany him to his palace in the north. He promises her that after one year with him she can return to her family and she will be rich. She agrees to this deal accompanied by her wolf, Rollo.

Upon arriving, the Lass finds herself in a complicated palace made of ice and includes Erasmus and Mrs. Grey,staff who are silent and mysterious. They use an ancient language carved into the pillars of the home. The symbols of this language match those on the Lass's coat, which Hans Peter had given to her. Soon, the servants disappear. The polar bear is also in danger and he is not what he seems. The bear is really a prince entranced by a troll queen. The Lass must find a way to free him before he marries the princess.  

George expands on a traditional Norwegian tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. She takes an old, somewhat familiar story and retells it as a fast-paced, wild journey through the wilderness. Critics note that George's presentation brings a more sophisticated tale to readers.