The Sun Is Also a Star

by Nicola Yoon

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What was Natasha's most prized possession in "The Sun Is Also a Star"?

Expert Answers

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Natasha's most prized possession is her headphones. Because Natasha's family was recently scheduled for deportation from New York City, she's often stressed about the future. Through her music, however, she's able to find catharsis—particularly in the song "Hunger Strike" by Temple of the Dog. She often becomes lost in her music and is almost never without her headphones.

Later in the novel, however, Natasha doesn't hear an out-of-control car about to hit her and is saved by another character named Daniel, who pushes her out of the way. In doing so, he saves her life but also breaks her headphones. This is fairly devastating for Natasha because of the importance music plays in her life but, since Daniel saved her life, she is nevertheless graceful.

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