Book I, Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where did Robert attend college?

2. What is Robert’s religion?

3. Who is the narrator?

4. Give three sports in which Robert excelled.

5. Why is Jake suspicious about Robert’s having been a middleweight boxing champion?

6. How many years did Robert stay in Europe?

7. Why does Frances change her attitude toward Robert?

8. What sport do Robert and Jake share?

9. What shows Frances’ jealousy?

10. What shows Robert’s insecurity at the end of the chapter?

1. Robert attended college at Princeton.

2. Robert is Jewish.

3. The narrator of the novel is Jake Barnes.

4. Three sports in which Robert had excelled were boxing, football, and tennis.

5. Jake is suspicious about Robert’s actually having been a boxing champion at Princeton because no one from Princeton seems to remember him.

6. Robert stayed in Europe three years.

7. Frances decides Robert would be a good catch because her looks are going.

8. Robert and Jake enjoy playing tennis together.

9. Frances becomes jealous of Robert when Jake mentions a girl in Strasbourg.

10. At the end of Chapter 1, Robert is afraid Jake is angry with him.

Book I, Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Robert’s perception of himself with women change?

2. How old is Robert?

3. Where does he want Jake to go?

4. What is Robert sick of?

5. What book does Robert read?

6. Who does Jake think lives life to the fullest?

7. What is Jake’s line when he wants to get rid of people?

8. Where does Robert get his ideas?

9. What happens when Robert waits for Jake in the office?

10. What do we know about his and Frances’ relationship at the end?

1. After Robert publishes his book, he realizes he is desirable to women.

2. Robert is 34.

3. Robert wants Jake to travel with him to South America.

4. Robert is sick of Paris.

5. Robert read The Purple Land by Hudson.

6. Jake believes bullfighters live their lives to the fullest.

7. When Jake wants an exit line, he tells people he has to get off some cables.

8. Robert is not an original thinker and gets his ideas from books.

9. Robert falls asleep in a chair and has a nightmare while he is waiting for Jake to finish his work.

10. At the end, the reader is led to believe he and Frances are having trouble because he says they stayed up all night talking.

Book I, Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What drink does Georgette order?

2. What is physically wrong with Georgette?

3. How did Jake get hurt?

4. Where do Jake and the others go?

5. What is Georgette’s occupation?

6. What city is Jake from?

7. What does Georgette think of Paris?

8. What type of people does Brett arrive with?

9. Who falls for Brett at the end of the chapter?

10. How is Brett different in the taxi?

1. Georgette orders pernod.

2. Georgette has bad teeth.

3. While Jake was in the war, he received his injury.

4. Jake and the others go to the Bal, a dance club.

5. Georgette is a prostitute.

6. Jake is an American from Kansas City.

7. Georgette thinks Paris is dirty and expensive.

8. When Brett arrives at the dance club, she is with a group of gay men.

9. At the end of the chapter, Robert is acting smitten with Brett.

10. Unlike the normal carefree exterior she presents, when Brett is in the taxi with Jake she is open and honest.

Book I, Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why won’t Brett let Jake be romantic in the taxi?

2. What does Brett feel is the reason she is unable to have Jake sexually?

3. How do other people react to Jake’s injury?

4. What is Zizi’s occupation?

5. Whom does Georgette get into a fight with?

6. How does Robert look when he goes home with Frances?

7. What are Jake’s two pieces of mail?

8. How does Jake show intense feelings for Brett while he is alone?

9. Who is Zizi’s benefactor?

10. Who is waiting for Brett in the car?

1. Brett will not let Jake get intimate in the taxi because she knows he cannot consummate their romance.

2. Brett thinks her inability to have Jake is God’s way of repaying her for breaking men’s hearts.

3. Other people think Jake’s injury is funny.

4. Zizi is a portrait painter.

5. Georgette gets into a fight with the patronne’s daughter at Bal’s.

6. When Robert leaves with Frances, he looks depressed.

7. When Jake checks his mail, he has received a bank statement and a wedding announcement.

8. When Jake is alone contemplating his feelings for Brett, he cries.

9. Zizi’s benefactor is Count Mippipopolous.

10. Count Mippipopolous is waiting in the car for Brett.

Book I, Chapters 5-6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How did Jake originally meet Brett?

2. Whom is Brett divorcing?

3. Who asks Jake for money?

4. Whom does Robert say he dislikes?

5. What does Frances want that Robert will not do?

6. What had Frances thought she would have even though she does not like them?

7. Whom did Robert leave when he met Frances?

8. Where is Robert sending Frances?

9. What reason does Robert give Frances for leaving her?

10. Why is Jake uncomfortable with the conversation between Robert and Frances?

1. Jake and Brett met in the hospital where Jake was sent for his injury during the war.

2. Brett is in the process of obtaining a divorce from Lord Ashley.

3. Harvey Stone hints to Jake he needs money.

4. Robert dislikes Harvey Stone, and the feeling is mutual.

5. Frances wants Robert to marry her, but he refuses.

6. Frances had assumed she would always have children.

7. Robert had left his secretary when he met Frances.

8. Robert is sending Frances to England to be with friends.

9. Robert tells Frances he needs to get material for a new book.

10. Jake is uncomfortable with the conversation between Frances and Robert because she is insulting Robert, and he is not standing up for himself.

Book I, Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whom does Brett bring to Jake’s flat?

2. What errand does Brett send the Count on?

3. What does Jake ask Brett to do?

4. Where does Brett say she is going?

5. Brett says she has not thought of whom in a week?

6. When the Count gets wine at the dance club, what is the year on the bottle?

7. While they are dancing, how does Jake feel about Brett’s openness with him?

8. Why does Brett push Jake away at the door?

9. What do all the things the Count values have in common?

10. What does the Count think of Zizi?

1. Brett brings Count Mippipopolous to Jake’s flat.

2. Brett sends Count Mippipopolous to get champagne so she can talk to Jake.

3. Jake asks Brett to live with him or go with him to the country.

4. Brett tells Jake she is going to San Sebastian.

5. Brett has not thought of Michael, her fiancé, in a week.

6. The year on the wine bottle is 1811.

7. When Brett is open with him while dancing, Jake feels he has been through that before.

8. Brett pushes Jake away at the door because he is kissing her.

9. All of the things Count Mippipopolous mentions as important to him satisfy physical cravings.

10. The count thinks Zizi has a good future, but he feels uncomfortable around him.

Book II, Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who disappears at the same time as Brett?

2. What city has she gone to?

3. What city do Jake and Bill initially meet in?

4. Which city does Bill like?

5. What city does Bill encounter prejudice in?

6. What does Bill want Jake to buy?

7. What does Brett regret?

8. Who is Brett’s fiance?

9. What does Mike dislike about Brett?

10. What does Mike tell about his financial situation?

1. Robert and Brett are both gone at the same time.

2. Brett has gone on a trip to San Sebastian.

3. Jake and Bill initially meet in Paris....

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Book II, Chapter 9 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What kind of fight do Bill and Jake see at the beginning of the chapter?

2. Where does Jake cable Robert to meet them?

3. After Bayonne, where will they go on the bus?

4. What does Mike ask Jake’s permission to do?

5. What is Mike waiting for before he goes with them?

6. Brett expresses concern about whose going on the trip?

7. What does Brett confide to Jake about her and Robert?

8. How does Jake react?

9. Why had Brett gone with Robert?

10. Where do Jake and Brett plan to meet?

1. At the beginning of the chapter, Robert and Jake are going...

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Book II, Chapters 10-11 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Jake buy before they leave?

2. Where do they hire the car to take them?

3. How do Spanish meals differ from American?

4. What do Robert and Bill bet on?

5. Why does Robert decide not to go fishing with Bill and Jake?

6. How does Bill react when he finds Robert actually did go with Brett to San Sebastian?

7. What kind of noise does the Basque on the bus imitate?

8. What type of apparel do the Basques wear?

9. How long had the man on the bus been in America?

10. What drink comes with the hotel room’s price?

1. Before they leave on...

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Book II, Chapter 12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Jake get at the stream while Bill is still asleep?

2. What words does Bill repeat and even sing to the tune of another song?

3. What kind of fish are they catching?

4. How do they keep their wine cold?

5. How many fish does Jake lay out at the dam?

6. What does Jake put between layers of fish?

7. What do they have for lunch?

8. How long do Bill and Jake stay in Burguete to fish?

9. Whom do they meet in Burguete who goes fishing with them?

10. What river do they fish in?

1. Jake gets worms for bait while Bill is asleep.


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Book II, Chapter 13 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who gives Jake the letter from Michael?

2. Where are Bill and Jake meeting Brett and Michael?

3. From whom does Jake receive a telegram?

4. What does Harris give Bill and Jake as presents when they leave for Pamplona?

5. Why does Montoya respect Jake so much?

6. What are two things Mike says caused his bankruptcy?

7. To what does Jake compare the bull?

8. Who gets into an argument with Robert? Why?

9. How had Robert acted when he joined Brett and Mike in San Sebastian?

10. What pet name does Robert call Brett? Why?

1. Harris gives Jake the...

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Book II, Chapters 14-15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whom does Jake think he has not been considerate of?

2. How does Jake categorize his various friends’ abilities to hold alcohol?

3. How does Robert spend his time before the fiesta?

4. What is written on the banner being carried into the fiesta?

5. How long is the fiesta?

6. Whom do the dancers put into the center of the group as an image to dance around?

7. How much does Jake pay for the wineskins?

8. Who passes out from drinking too much?

9. Before it starts, what is Robert afraid will happen during the bullfight?

10. How old is Romero?


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Book II, Chapter 16 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why doesn’t Montoya want Romero to have coffee with the ambassador?

2. What does Bill keep doing to Mike?

3. Where did Romero learn English?

4. What does Jake lie to Romero about?

5. What does the critic compare the bulls’ horns to?

6. Who nearly come to blows?

7. Where is Robert when Brett and Jake come out of the bar?

8. Whom has Brett fallen for?

9. While they are sitting at the table, what does Brett tell Romero she will do for him?

10. Under what pretense does Jake leave Brett and Romero?

1. Montoya is afraid if Romero has coffee...

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Book II, Chapter 17 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is Bill’s friend?

2. Why had they been thrown out of the bar?

3. Why does Robert panic when he sees Jake?

4. What does Robert call Jake?

5. Who swings at Robert in the cafe?

6. Who wants to see Jake when he gets to the hotel?

7. How does Robert rationalize his behavior to Jake?

8. Whom does the bull kill?

9. What literary technique does Hemingway use to make the story of the bull stand out from the rest of the novel?

10. How many people are taken to the infirmary because of the bulls?

1. Bill’s friend in the reading is Edna.


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Book II, Chapter 18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. At the beginning of the chapter, who has left?

2. Who is in bad shape from Robert’s beating?

3. What does Brett want to do in San Fermin?

4. What is the nationality of the maitre d’ at the hotel?

5. What is in the baskets carried by the sword handlers and bull-ring servants?

6. What official is attending the final fight?

7. What is wrong with Romero’s first bull?

8. To whom does Romero give the bull’s ear?

9. What does Jake say Robert will do now?

10. Where is Brett?

1. Robert leaves after his altercation with the others about Brett....

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Book III, Chapter 19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where do the three men decide to travel together?

2. Who avoids Jake when he is checking out?

3. Why can’t Mike pay for drinks?

4. Why doesn’t Jake want to go to Paris with Bill?

5. Where does Jake go in Spain?

6. What kind of race is going on in San Sebastian?

7. Where does Brett ask Jake to come?

8. Why is Brett upset?

9. Besides Brett, how many women has Romero been with?

10. Where are Brett and Jake at the end of the story?

1. Bill, Jake, and Mike travel together as far as Bayonne.

2. When Jake is checking out, Montoya...

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