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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book III, Chapter 19 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where do the three men decide to travel together?

2. Who avoids Jake when he is checking out?

3. Why can’t Mike pay for drinks?

4. Why doesn’t Jake want to go to Paris with Bill?

5. Where does Jake go in Spain?

6. What kind of race is going on in San Sebastian?

7. Where does Brett ask Jake to come?

8. Why is Brett upset?

9. Besides Brett, how many women has Romero been with?

10. Where are Brett and Jake at the end of the story?

1. Bill, Jake, and Mike travel together as far as Bayonne.

2. When Jake is checking out, Montoya avoids him because of his role in Romero and Brett’s affair.

3. Mike cannot pay for the drinks because he is out of money.

4. Jake does not want to go to Paris because he does not want to party anymore.

5. In Spain, Jake goes to San Sebastian.

6. The Tour du Pays Basque bicycle race is being run in San Sebastian.

7. Brett contacts Jake to meet her in Madrid.

8. When Jake arrives, Brett is upset because Romero has left her.

9. Besides Brett, Romero has only been with two women.

10. At the end of the story, Brett and Jake are in a taxi in Madrid.

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