Book I, Chapters 5-6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How did Jake originally meet Brett?

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2. Whom is Brett divorcing?

3. Who asks Jake for money?

4. Whom does Robert say he dislikes?

5. What does Frances want that Robert will not do?

6. What had Frances thought she would have even though she does not like them?

7. Whom did Robert leave when he met Frances?

8. Where is Robert sending Frances?

9. What reason does Robert give Frances for leaving her?

10. Why is Jake uncomfortable with the conversation between Robert and Frances?

1. Jake and Brett met in the hospital where Jake was sent for his injury during the war.

2. Brett is in the process of obtaining a divorce from Lord Ashley.

3. Harvey Stone hints to Jake he needs money.

4. Robert dislikes Harvey Stone, and the feeling is mutual.

5. Frances wants Robert to marry her, but he refuses.

6. Frances had assumed she would always have children.

7. Robert had left his secretary when he met Frances.

8. Robert is sending Frances to England to be with friends.

9. Robert tells Frances he needs to get material for a new book.

10. Jake is uncomfortable with the conversation between Frances and Robert because she is insulting Robert, and he is not standing up for himself.

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