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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book I, Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Whom does Brett bring to Jake’s flat?

2. What errand does Brett send the Count on?

3. What does Jake ask Brett to do?

4. Where does Brett say she is going?

5. Brett says she has not thought of whom in a week?

6. When the Count gets wine at the dance club, what is the year on the bottle?

7. While they are dancing, how does Jake feel about Brett’s openness with him?

8. Why does Brett push Jake away at the door?

9. What do all the things the Count values have in common?

10. What does the Count think of Zizi?

1. Brett brings Count Mippipopolous to Jake’s flat.

2. Brett sends Count Mippipopolous to get champagne so she can talk to Jake.

3. Jake asks Brett to live with him or go with him to the country.

4. Brett tells Jake she is going to San Sebastian.

5. Brett has not thought of Michael, her fiancé, in a week.

6. The year on the wine bottle is 1811.

7. When Brett is open with him while dancing, Jake feels he has been through that before.

8. Brett pushes Jake away at the door because he is kissing her.

9. All of the things Count Mippipopolous mentions as important to him satisfy physical cravings.

10. The count thinks Zizi has a good future, but he feels uncomfortable around him.

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