The Sun Also Rises Book I, Chapter 4 Questions and Answers
by Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises book cover
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Book I, Chapter 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why won’t Brett let Jake be romantic in the taxi?

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2. What does Brett feel is the reason she is unable to have Jake sexually?

3. How do other people react to Jake’s injury?

4. What is Zizi’s occupation?

5. Whom does Georgette get into a fight with?

6. How does Robert look when he goes home with Frances?

7. What are Jake’s two pieces of mail?

8. How does Jake show intense feelings for Brett while he is alone?

9. Who is Zizi’s benefactor?

10. Who is waiting for Brett in the car?

1. Brett will not let Jake get intimate in the taxi because she knows he cannot consummate their romance.

2. Brett thinks her inability to have Jake is God’s way of repaying her for breaking men’s hearts.

3. Other people think Jake’s injury is funny.

4. Zizi is a portrait painter.

5. Georgette gets into a fight with the patronne’s daughter at Bal’s.

6. When Robert leaves with Frances, he looks depressed.

7. When Jake checks his mail, he has received a bank statement and a wedding announcement.

8. When Jake is alone contemplating his feelings for Brett, he cries.

9. Zizi’s benefactor is Count Mippipopolous.

10. Count Mippipopolous is waiting in the car for Brett.