The Sun Also Rises Book I, Chapter 2 Questions and Answers
by Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises book cover
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Book I, Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Robert’s perception of himself with women change?

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2. How old is Robert?

3. Where does he want Jake to go?

4. What is Robert sick of?

5. What book does Robert read?

6. Who does Jake think lives life to the fullest?

7. What is Jake’s line when he wants to get rid of people?

8. Where does Robert get his ideas?

9. What happens when Robert waits for Jake in the office?

10. What do we know about his and Frances’ relationship at the end?

1. After Robert publishes his book, he realizes he is desirable to women.

2. Robert is 34.

3. Robert wants Jake to travel with him to South America.

4. Robert is sick of Paris.

5. Robert read The Purple Land by Hudson.

6. Jake believes bullfighters live their lives to the fullest.

7. When Jake wants an exit line, he tells people he has to get off some cables.

8. Robert is not an original thinker and gets his ideas from books.

9. Robert falls asleep in a chair and has a nightmare while he is waiting for Jake to finish his work.

10. At the end, the reader is led to believe he and Frances are having trouble because he says they stayed up all night talking.