Book III, Chapter 19 Summary and Analysis

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New Character
Maid: at the Hotel Montana in Spain

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As Book III opens, the fiesta is over. The town is taking down posters and traces of what was. Bill tells Jake he is going back to Paris, but Jake says he will be going to San Sebastian. They pay their bill; then Mike, Bill, and Jake drive into the country.

They stop in Biarritz to have a drink. They keep rolling dice for drinks, and Mike loses. Finally, he says he cannot buy anymore because he is out of money. Mike bemoans his financial woes since his allowance has not come yet. They drive around for a while. Then Mike stays in Saint Jean because he can stay there on credit.

After they part, Jake goes to Bayonne and stays one night. He feels good to be in France again but does not want to go to Paris with Bill. Jake has dinner and enjoys food and wine. The waiter gets offended by Jake’s wanting the flowers removed but is appeased by his generous tip.

Jake then boards a train for San Sebastian. He spends his time swimming and being lazy. Later when he is having dinner, riders in a bicycle race stop for the night in San Sebastian. Racers seem lax in their racing.

The next day, Jake does more of the same. After three days he receives two cables from Brett; she is at the Hotel Montanya in Madrid and needs help. Jake gets a berth on the Sud Express and travels during the night to arrive in Madrid.

When Jake arrives, the maid at the hotel tells Jake he may see Brett if she wishes. He has his bags brought in. When the maid returns saying he may go up, Jake goes to Brett’s room. She is in bed and says she made Romero leave her. She realizes she is bad for him.

She says she does not want to talk about it but begins anyway. Romero is ashamed of her. When she starts to leave, he offers her money, but she cannot take it. She says he wants to marry her to try to possess her. She left him because it is best for him.

Jake thinks Brett is looking for a cigarette but sees she is actually crying. She decides to go back to Mike. When they check out of the hotel, they find the bill has been paid. They sit in the hotel bar to have a drink. Brett talks about hers and Romero’s age difference. During dinner, Brett cannot stop talking about Romero.

They decide to take a ride to see Madrid. They get in the taxi and Brett moves closer to him. As the story ends, she bemoans she and Jake could have been good together. Jake agrees.

As this chapter opens, Jake is trying to get away from the fast life of the fiesta. He realizes he “was through with fiestas for a while.” His sin is accentuated when Montoya does not come near Bill and Jake as they check out. He knows he must find inner peace.

Initially, he goes back to France but not to the old, wild life in Paris. He feels comfortable in France because he can make friends there just by tipping well since “Everything is on such a clear financial basis.” Jake feels a degree of comfort in this simplicity. He knows “if they remembered me their friendship would be loyal.” Jake has been too long with those who measure friendship by money.

Before the car leaves, Jake rubs the rod case with dust. “It seemed the last thing that connected me with Spain and the fiesta.” Somehow Jake must make a final break, though. In Bayonne he stays in the same room as he had with Bill, but that trip seems “a very long time ago,” and he is unable to recapture that solace. He has a new awareness of himself and must find peace. Although he says he feels foolish to be going back into Spain, he travels there to cleanse himself.

Jake goes to San Sebastian, ironically where Robert and Brett had the affair. There, he has no deadlines to meet or parties to attend. Like on the fishing trip, he becomes at one with himself. He swims, reads, and relaxes.

This spiritual rejuvenation is necessary for his next meeting with Brett. When he watches...

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