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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book III, Chapter 19 Summary

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Last Updated April 14, 2023.

At the beginning of Book III, the celebration has come to an end and the town is removing signs and any remnants of the festivities. Jake is informed by Bill that he will return to Paris, but Jake shares that he will be heading to San Sebastian. They settle their expenses and later, Mike, Bill, and Jake take a drive into the countryside.

They make a stop at Biarritz to enjoy some drinks. While drinking, they continue to play a game of dice where Mike ends up losing. Eventually, Mike announces that he is unable to buy more drinks due to running out of money. Mike expresses his frustration with his financial situation as his allowance has yet to arrive. After driving around for some time, they reach Saint Jean where Mike decides to stay because he can stay there on credit.

After separating, Jake travels to Bayonne and spends a night there. He experiences a sense of contentment to be back in France, but declines Bill's invitation to go to Paris. During dinner, Jake relishes the food and wine, although the waiter takes offense when he requests to have the flowers removed from the table. However, the waiter is pacified by Jake's generous tip.

Jake gets on a train heading towards San Sebastian and spends his time there by swimming and relaxing. Three days later, Brett sends him two cables requesting assistance while she stays at the Hotel Montanya in Madrid. In response, Jake secures a spot on the Sud Express train and travels overnight to reach Madrid.

Upon Jake's arrival at the hotel, the hotel maid informs him that he can visit Brett if she permits. After having his luggage brought in, the maid returns and gives him permission to proceed. Jake then proceeds to Brett's room where he finds her in bed. Brett confesses that she asked Romero to leave because she recognizes that she is detrimental to him.

Although she initially claims to not want to discuss the matter, she eventually begins talking about it. Romero feels embarrassed by her behavior. As she prepares to depart, he tries to offer her money, but she declines. According to her, Romero desires to marry her only to exert control over her. She decidea to end the relationship.

Jake initially believes that Brett is searching for a cigarette, but upon closer inspection, he realizes that she is weeping. Consequently, Brett decides to return to Mike. When they depart from the hotel, they discover that the bill has already been settled. They subsequently go to the hotel bar to enjoy a beverage, during which Brett discusses the discrepancy in age between herself and Romero. Later on, during dinner, Brett incessantly talks about Romero.

They opt to go for a trip to visit Madrid and board a taxi. Brett shifts closer to Jake during the ride. At the conclusion of the tale, Brett expresses regret that she and Jake could have had a positive relationship. Jake concurs with her sentiment.

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