Illustration of a bull and a bullfighter

The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book II, Chapters 14-15 Summary

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Jake is drunk and retires to his room where he reads until the dizziness subsides. He hears the footsteps of Brett and Robert approaching, then separating into their respective rooms. He also overhears Mike and Brett chatting and chuckling, which keeps him awake and ruminating about his friends, life, and ethics. Eventually, he decides to get out of bed and read some more.

During the preparation for the week-long fiesta, the group of friends appear subdued for the following two days. On the day before the fiesta, Brett and Jake visit the church.. Robert tags along and waits outside. The experience is relaxed, enjoyable, and conflict-free.

Chapter 15 depicts the vibrant atmosphere of the fiesta in Pamplona. On the initial day of the fiesta, the streets are packed with individuals engaging in revelry and alcohol consumption. Jake meets up with Robert and Bill at the cafe to participate in the festivities. As the rockets burst into the sky, marking the commencement of the festival, hordes of people congregate in the square and cafe. Dancers and musicians perform throughout the city to celebrate the occasion.

Initially, a person is seen playing a reed instrument while being trailed by some kids. After that, a group of dancers appear, dressed in blue overalls commonly worn by laborers, and with red neckerchiefs. They are holding a sign that greets outsiders.

The parade is comprised of important people, but due to the large and dense crowd, the group cannot spot them. They attempt to enter a church for the service, but opt not to because Brett is not permitted entry without a hat. The crowd gathers around Brett and starts to dance.

Brett is brought to a wine store and seated on a barrel by some individuals who are drinking. Jake is not allowed to pay for their drinks and leaves to retrieve a leather wine bottle. Upon his return, he discovers that Brett and Bill are no longer in the main room. Jake fills the wineskins with wine and sets off to find them.

A group of people are seated on top of barrels and there are dancers around them. Mike is snacking on hors d’oeuvres while Jake passes around a wineskin for everyone to have a sip. At some point, Robert faints and they move him to a separate room, but he returns after two hours. Eventually, they all depart to get ready for dinner.

Jake had intended to stay up late to witness the bulls run, but he ended up going to his room around 4 a.m. Unfortunately, his room was locked and he couldn't get in. Jake decides to sleep in one of Robert's beds instead. He slept so deeply that he didn't wake up until the rockets went off to signal the bulls' release. During the run, a man fell and rolled into the gutter amidst the thick crowd running in front of the bulls. Later on, Robert arrived and informed Jake that a bull had thrown several people inside the ring. Bill also came by, and the three of them slept until noon.

The following day marks the start of the bullfight. Brett, Mike, and Robert, who are new to the event, sit in a high location, while Bill and Jake, who are experienced, sit closer to the ring. When Bill advises Robert on what to be mindful of, Robert expresses his concern about potentially getting bored. They caution Brett against watching the horses after the bull has attacked them.

When Jake and Bill head out to buy wine and binoculars, Montoya introduces them to Pedro Romero, a newcomer...

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who is enthusiastic about bullfighting. Romero's attire, behavior, and handsome appearance are impressive. They wish him well and depart. At the bullring, they are amazed by Romero's proficiency. Montoya is also impressed and nods his approval to Jake. Although the other two bullfighters are average, Romero captivates the audience with his performance.

After watching the bullfight, Jake and Bill join the slow-moving crowd heading towards the fiesta. The streets are filled with dancers. Later, Mike, Brett, and Robert catch up with them. Mike praises Romero's bullfighting skills, while Brett admires his good looks. The group then begins to tease Robert about his earlier remark of being bored and feeling sick at the sight of the horses being gored.

On the following day, Romero becomes the center of attention and impresses everyone. Brett sits between Jake and Mike and closely observes Romero's physical movements and overall appearance. Jake notes that Romero's style of bullfighting is traditional, which adds to his credibility as a bullfighter. Romero doesn't fight on the next day, and the day after that there is a celebration.


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