The Sun Also Rises Book II, Chapters 14-15 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Hemingway

Book II, Chapters 14-15 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Pedro Romero: Aficiónado; 19-year-old bullfighter; has an affair with Brett

Jake, who is drunk, goes to his room and reads for a while until the room does not spin. He hears Brett and Robert come up and go to their separate rooms. Then he hears Mike and Brett talk and laugh. Jake is unable to sleep for thinking about them. Then he begins to philosophize about life, his friends, and morality. Finally, he gets up and reads again.

The next two days the friends are all subdued while the town readies for the fiesta, which is to last seven days. All in the group have different activities. Jake and sometimes Bill watch the activities from the cafe...

(The entire section is 1786 words.)