The Sun Also Rises Book II, Chapters 10-11 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Hemingway

Book II, Chapters 10-11 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Juanito Montoya: Pamplona hotel owner; passionate bullfight enthusiast

Basque: peasant on bus

The next morning Bill, Robert, and Jake buy fishing equipment. They hire a car and drive toward Pamplona where they wait at the border with armed guards. They see a man who is trying to cross the border waved back with guns. After they are cleared, they drive up into Spain. They climb into the mountains amid streams and fields of grain.

They drive to Pamplona past a grand cathedral and bullring to the Hotel Montoya. After they clean up, they have lunch, a typical Spanish meal with several courses. At lunch Robert at first seems awkward...

(The entire section is 1179 words.)