Illustration of a bull and a bullfighter

The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway

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Book II, Chapters 10-11 Summary

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Last Updated April 14, 2023.

The following day, Bill, Robert, and Jake purchase fishing gear and rent a car to head towards Pamplona. At the border, they wait with armed guards and witness a man being turned away at gunpoint while attempting to cross. Once they are granted clearance, they continue their journey into Spain and ascend into the mountains, encountering streams and fields of grain along the way.

They traveled to Pamplona and passed by an impressive cathedral and bullring before reaching Hotel Montoya. Once they freshened up, they had a typical Spanish lunch with multiple dishes. During the meal, Robert initially appeared uncomfortable about his involvement with Brett. However, once the topic was brought up, he began acting as if he knew more about her than anyone else, which annoyed Bill and Jake.

While waiting for dinner, the men disperse in different activities. Jake checks his bullfight tickets and later visits the cathedral to pray for people he knows. His thoughts gradually shift from religious to worldly matters, prompting him to leave the cathedral.

During dinner, Robert displays signs of anxiety, which are noticeable. He has prepared for Brett's visit by shaving and tidying up. He leaves the meal early to wait at the station in case Brett and Mike arrive. Jake and Robert remain at the station until the train is empty, but they do not see Mike and Brett. Upon returning home, they receive a telegram from San Sebastian informing them that Mike and Brett have made a stop there.

Jake's contempt for Robert intensifies the following day when Robert announces he will not be joining them fishing on the fishing expedition. Robert confesses that he fears Brett might have gone to San Sebastian to rendezvous with him, so he opts to stay behind to catch up with Mike and Brett. Jake becomes livid upon discovering that Robert has shared the details of their affair with Bill. Despite Bill's annoyance with Robert, he expresses relief that Robert will not be on the fishing trip with him and Jake.

At the beginning of Chapter 11, Bill and Jake ride the bus to Burguete for a fishing trip. They enjoy wine with locals on the bus, which is full of people. Along the way, the bus stops at different points to pick up packages. At one of the stops, they rest at an inn called a posada and have some drinks with Basques. They later hop on the bus and continue their journey.

On the bus, they encounter a man who previously resided in America. Upon arrival in Burguete, they are greeted by a soldier who inquires about the contents of their fishing gear. They secure lodging and upon descending to the common area, they notice that it is so chilly that their breath is visible. The accommodation comes with wine, and so they feel they've made a good investment. Following their evening meal, they retire to their quarters.

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