The Sun Also Rises Book II, Chapter 18 Summary and Analysis

Ernest Hemingway

Book II, Chapter 18 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Belmonte: a retired bullfighter who returned to the ring

On the last day of the fiesta, Brett stops by, gets a beer, and asks if Robert has gone. She asks Jake how he feels. She tells him Robert has hurt Romero badly. Mike, who is drinking, has been silent. He starts ridiculing Brett for her affairs with Romero and Robert. Brett asks Jake to take a walk. She is radiant and shows adoration and concern for Romero. She also says his people disapprove of her. They stop in a church to say prayers for Romero.

When they get back to the hotel, she joins Romero in his room for lunch. Jake goes to Mike’s room and finds him trying to sleep off his...

(The entire section is 1150 words.)